• Commercial Salamander Grills

    What Is a Salamander Grill?

    A salamander grill is an essential piece of equipment found in many commercial kitchens.  The basic definition of a salamander grill is an overhead high-temperature grill.  This type of commercial grill can be a stand-alone unit or a wall-mounted appliance for greater space efficiency.  A salamander grill can easily be raised to eye-level, making it extremely useful when monitoring the cooking process. A salamander grill is most commonly used for toasting, browning or just keeping dishes warm.  From cooking steaks in no time at all, to quickly toasting multiple slices of bread, a salamander grill is up to the task!  A salamander grill can also be used to keep meals at a constant temperature prior to serving.

    Are You Looking For a Commercial Grill For Sale?

    If you are looking for a commercial grill for sale, the first thing to consider is whether you should buy a gas salamander grill or an electric salamander grill.  In general, the power source is determined by the set-up in your kitchen.  But gas salamander grills tend to be better at constant grilling, and electric salamander grills are more energy efficient.

    We stock 2 generously sized salamander grill models, in both gas and electric; the larger 800 mm gas or electric salamander grill, and the slightly smaller 600 mm gas or electric salamander grill.

    Salamander Grills From Chefquip

    High quality and value for money is key to everything we do.  Without a doubt, the salamander grill range from Bartlett Yeoman offers this.  Our catering grills are reliable, durable and versatile.  Every Bartlett Yeoman salamander grill has a robust stainless steel outer body and enamel interior for heat retention.  Our salamander catering grills have even heat distribution, insulation, rapid user response and are easy to clean.  For extra peace of mind, every salamander commercial grill comes with a 1-year full parts and labor warranty.

  • Looking for a New Veg Prep Machine?

    Are You Looking For A Vegetable Preparation Machine For Sale?

    The demands of a busy commercial kitchen mean extra help is essential.  To cut out the hours spent chopping, dicing and slicing, most hectic kitchens choose a simple solution; a veg prep machine!  These ingenious and versatile machines make light work of all vegetable preparation.  The ChefQuip model may not be the cheapest, but reliability, efficiency and quality are guaranteed.  We understand these qualities are essential for commercial catering and we are confident our veg prep machine delivers!  So much so that every vegetable preparation machine bought from ChefQuip comes with an automatic 1 year parts and labour guarantee!  Our veg prep machines are without doubt a brilliant and cost effective investment; increasing productivity and improving vegetable preparation standards.

    Best Veg Prep Machine On The Market

    Our vegetable preparation machine gives chefs complete flexibility.  It comes with inbuilt settings so that you can easily alter size and thickness.  Whether you are chopping carrots or shredding lettuce, you get quick and consistent results at the touch of a button!  The easy-clean slicing/cutting discs ensure high-performance, perfect cuts and speed. For the same price, there really is no better veg prep machine on the market today.

    View Our Veg Prep Machines

  • Everything You Need From a Commercial Electric Mixer

    With a ChefQuip Planetary Electric Mixer quality and efficiency are guaranteed.  Our heavy duty electric mixers are built to extremely high specifications.  We primarily supply our electric mixers to commercial catering kitchens, but also have a loyal following in the private sector.  For anyone who loves preparing top-notch dishes, our electric food mixers are for you!

    Planetary Mixers: The Best Electric Stand Mixer

    What sets our Planetary electric food mixers apart from other brands is their reliability and versatility.  By using a Planetary heavy duty electric mixer you can achieve consistently high standards and tackle large tasks with ease.  Benefit from our years of experience working with professional chefs and experience the supremacy of our electric stand mixers.  We know what our customers need from an electric mixer, and our models are designed to meet those demands.  Our reputation as the leading stockist of the best electric stand mixers is second to none!  We do not sell cheap appliances, but due to hard-wearing performance and increased efficiency, they will pay for themselves in no time!

    Buy Electric Mixer

    We offer a range of electric food mixers, available in 8 different sizes.  Our smallest is the 5 Litre Planetary electric stand mixer, perfect for amateur chefs and domestic kitchens.  This is an ideal electric cake mixer, and also useful for vegetable and dough preparation.  At the other end of the scale, we have the huge 80 Litre Planetary freestanding electric mixer.  This is an excellent investment if you run a large, busy kitchen, such as in a hospital, hotel or school.  The heavy duty electric motors in our whisk electric mixers ensure high capacity jobs are always successfully completed.  But our most popular commercial electric mixer is the 20 Litre model.  Like all of our electric mixers, it is a multi-purpose machine. Planetary electric food mixers have a selection of interchangeable utensils; create batter and bread dough, slice vegetables or whip potatoes with the correct attachment.

  • ChefQuip: The Home of Kitchen Equipment For Chefs

    Kitting out a professional kitchen can be a daunting task… but with ChefQuip we can take away this worry and give you practical solutions!  We are undoubtedly the UK’s leading stockist of top-notch kitchen equipment for chefs.  We have worked in the industry for over 20 years and are regarded as being the most reliable supplier of chef equipment for sale in the UK.  We only sell premier products with a proven track record.  Our appliances are heavy duty and manufactured to high specifications.  Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our online chef equipment store offers the reassurance of respected brands and trust-worthy warranty protection.

    Best Place To Find Kitchen Equipment In The UK

    We stock a fabulous range of kitchen equipment for chefs.  Following the huge investment, we maintain stock levels so that our customers never have to wait unreasonable periods of time before their product is available.  Customer service is excellent and we are very happy to deal with any queries.  High capacity kitchens across the UK buy our kitchen equipment for chefs.  This includes restaurants, pubs, bakeries, cafés, schools, and hospitals.  We are a name you can trust and the best place to find kitchen equipment in the UK.

    Chef Equipment For Sale In The UK

    Our main product lines are;

    • Planetary Electric Food Mixers
    • Bartlett Ovens, Range Cookers, Grills, and Fryers
    • Avamore food preparation tools, including Meat Slicers, Vegetable Peelers and Vacuum Packing Machines
    • Lamber Dishwashers

    What all of these prestige brands have in common is their longstanding reputation for high standards and customer satisfaction.  We are confident that they are unparalleled when you look across the board at kitchen equipment for sale in the UK.  Please take a look through our informative and well-illustrated online chef equipment store.  Our sales team is always on hand to offer advice, both before and after sales.

  • Buying a Commercial Pizza Oven

    A commercial pizza oven is a fantastic asset.  Whilst a traditional, purpose built clay pizza oven is the stuff of dreams for most businesses, a commercial pizza oven is a very attractive and cost-effective alternative.  Commercial pizza ovens take up less room and you can even find a small commercial pizza oven to fit a petite kitchen.  You can serve up authentic, Mediterranean style pizzas with ease, and add a popular meal choice to your menu.

    At Chefquip we stock an excellent range of commercial pizza ovens.  Quality catering equipment is what we are known for.  Here is a quick overview of some key features in our commercial pizza ovens.  Our pizza ovens have built-in fire bricks.  This helps to absorb moisture in the dough and ensures a light, crispy base.  Our commercial pizza ovens have simple touch-screen user controls and high specification insulation.  Frames and doors are finished with heat resistant Teflon paint to keep temperatures even inside and out.


    How to choose the right commercial pizza oven

    So you want to invest in a commercial pizza oven; what should you consider before reaching for your credit card?  First and foremost think about the numbers you are aiming to cater for.  For busy bars and restaurants take a look at our largest twin-deck model.  This comfortably fits a maximum of 6 x 13” pizzas per deck.  At the other end of the spectrum, perhaps for cafés and delicatessens, we have a single deck commercial gas pizza oven with a 4 x 12” capacity.   Whatever size you decide on, our commercial gas and electric pizza ovens are all extremely efficient with a guaranteed fast turnaround.

    This very much depends on personal preferences.  A commercial gas pizza oven is often cheaper and is perfect for creating individual, specialist pizzas.  But commercial gas pizza ovens are generally smaller in size and a little more challenging to operate.  Commercial electric pizza ovens on the other hand are very straightforward to use and make large quantities of uniform pizzas very easily.  The initial cost tends to be higher, but this can soon be recouped through increased productivity.  At Chefquip we are always happy to discuss any of these points in more detail and recommend the right product for you.  Please get in touch today on 01299 871 856 or email sales@chefquip.co.uk for more information.


  • 20 Litre Mixer with Removable Guard!

    Here at ChefQuip we take customer feedback to the next level, with that in mind we have released a new machine into the 20 litre mixer market. Our best selling Planetary Mixer the robust and versatile SP22HI is now available with an easy removable bowl guard, the SP22HA mixer is ideal for mixing a variety of products, used in high capacity food production locations of every kind including schools, colleges and hospitals, the mixer was well received at the recent LACA show and received many positive comments from the local authority sector for the ease of use and innovative safety design.

  • Heavy Duty Vegetable Preparation Machines!

    The ChefQuip range of vegetable preparation machines cater for kitchens, preparation rooms and prepared vegetable producers. With a full complement of cutting/slicing plates, twin and triple blades for general slicing, curved blades for delicate cuts, crinkled edge blades for speciality cuts, julienne blades for fine straw finishing touches, shredding and grating plates for topping off and of course chipping and dicing plates. Robust polished anodised aluminium and stainless to clean, safety lid lock and no-volt release system, a range of plates and cutters, removable top/feed plate, one piece cutting area, all cutting parts removable for thorough cleaning.

  • Quantanium 300mm slicer for frictionless cutting.

    A revolutionary improvement in the professional slicer field, we are now stocking a Quantanium™ coated 300mm slicer.

    Quantanium™, strengthened with Titanium has a very high resistance to abrasion, corrosion and the chemical aggression of detergents and acid. Meat slides smoothly and frictionless: a lot less effort and a more accurate cut. Cleaning is much easier due to the non-stick coating.

  • The new Heavy duty 14″ slicer from ChefQuip.

    ChefQuip are happy to announce that we are now stocking a 14″ (350mm) blade heavy duty meat slicer, The  CQS350SBR has all the same outstanding features as the other SBR models in our range of professional meat slicer range.

  • Why Schools Love the CQ400!

    The CQ400 is a robust and extremely reliable unit with easy to use functions. Staff at schools across the UK have being enjoying working with this machine all year round. The range of functions that the CQ400 vegetable preparation machine offers is one of the many reasons schools just can’t get enough of them!