Quantanium 300mm slicer for frictionless cutting.

A revolutionary improvement in the professional slicer field, we are now stocking a Quantanium™ coated 300mm slicer. Quantanium™, strengthened with Titanium has a very high resistance to abrasion, corrosion and the chemical aggression of detergents and acid. Meat slides smoothly and frictionless: a lot less effort and a more accurate cut. Cleaning is much easier…


Why Schools Love the CQ400!

The CQ400 is a robust and extremely reliable unit with easy to use functions. Staff at schools across the UK have being enjoying working with this machine all year round. The range of functions that the CQ400 vegetable preparation machine offers is one of the many reasons schools just can’t get enough of them!

Is the SP22HI the safest Planetary Mixer in the UK

The new quick removal safety guard option on our SP22HI Planetary mixer makes it one of the safest units available in the UK. One of our best selling units for some time has been improved to allow the easy removal of the safety guard by a quick release mechanism. The system can be locked in position for…


The New Heavy Duty Energy Saving Slicer from ChefQuip

ChefQuip are happy to announce that we are now stocking an energy saving heavy duty meat slicer; The CQS300ES has all the same outstanding features as the other models in our range of professional meat slicers. The energy saver is an electronic device that reduces the average electric consumption thus contributing in the reducing the…


20 Litre mixer with Secure-Lock

ChefQuip’s design and innovation in the 20 litre mixer market has once again been shown with the release of our Secure-Lock protection system. The optional lockable emergency stop button to our planetary food mixer range ensures unauthorised and untrained workers cannot operate the machine, particularly useful in a training college and school environment.

Local Authority and Dealers

ChefQuip and their dealers would like to thank all the local authorities for their continued support and purchases of our 20 litre mixer package, The SP22 food mixer continues to be the preferred choice of all the hardworking cooks, chefs and dinner-ladies who work so hard to bring great food to all the school children,…


Kings College 20 litre Mixer

“We have a 20 Litre mixer from ChefQuip that we have used for the last 13 years on a daily basis for bread dough and cake mixes, We recently required a spare part that we were happy to find still available after all this time, the part arrived next day through our supplier and with…


Oak Tree Inn

“We have a glasswasher from ChefQuip that we have used for the last 10 years on a daily basis in our busy pub/restaurant, We recently required a spare part that we were happy to find still available after all this time.” On behalf of Claire Ross, The Oak Tree Inn, Hutton Magna.