As a premier supplier of commercial catering equipment since 1996, we have a wealth of experience and an appetite for customer satisfaction that has won the respect of catering professionals around the United Kingdom.

Continuous investment in every aspect of our business, along with a culture of honesty and integrity ensures our performance is targeted at achieving nothing less than complete customer satisfaction.

With a group of specialist partners who share our passion and commitment, we complement our core range of planetary mixers and glass washing equipment, sourced from some of the world’s finest manufacturers, with quality brands such as Bartlett prime catering equipment amongst our portfolio highlighting a dedication to a programme of innovation, development and quality product sourcing.

Our commercial food mixers are the envy of the market, a staple part of any kitchen and food prep area, our local authority package has seen us rise to be a market leader in the Food mixer sector for schools, hospitals, nursing homes and all in between. ChefQuip’s belief that our machines should always be in stock for when the customer requires means that we are only ever a day away from satisfying their sometimes urgent requirement.

Environmental Policy

At ChefQuip we recognise that effective environmental management is increasingly important, it makes good business sense and is a fundamental/integral part of our business operation and growth strategy. Chefquip recognises the importance of maintaining these operations to ensure the safety of our business.

To ensure we achieve the best possible environmental standards we are continually introducing effective procedures and working practices that will have a measureable and positive affect. Being aware of how our activities impact upon the environment and seek to minimise adverse effects by means of the best available techniques, not entailing excessive cost, through a policy of health and safety improvement at the workplace control of pollution and care for the local environment.

Complying with our legal responsibilities and playing our part in influencing future legislation.

Conserving the use of resources, particular those which are scarce or non renewable, including the following:

  1. To avoid waste and encourage conservation, re-use and recycling, e.g. chipping, composting and waste disposal management, etc.
  2. To encourage the sustainable use of land based resources and certified timber and wood products, e.g. non-sustainable resources – peat, tropical woods.
  3. To reduce air, land and water pollution, e.g. toxic chemical sprays, motor exhaust etc.

Being sensitive to the environmental objectives to continually improve our environmental performance and monitor progress in their achievement.

Requiring our suppliers and contractors to have a proper regard for our environmental policy for the goods and services they provide for us.

Communicating this policy to our staff, suppliers and customers and seeking their help to implement it.

This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Warranty Statement

All warranties on our equipment are effective from the date of our invoice to you.

Warranty is restricted to manufacturers mechanical, gas and electrical component failure only. (i.e seals, glass, bulbs, doors, hoses, plastic & non mechanical components, equipment sited in incompatible environment etc are not included)

Faulty installation, commissioning, misuse, abuse or user related problems are not covered under warranty. Breakdowns brought about by scale related problems are not covered under warranty. Glass is not covered under warranty.

Gas appliances must be installed by a qualified GAS SAFE registered gas fitter. Electrical appliances MUST be installed by a qualified electrician. A warranty call out will not be instigated without the name of the installing engineer and GAS SAFE REGISTRATION NUMBER.

Incorrect compliance to current installation legislation could lead to prosecution. Invalidation of warranty would apply without question.

Lamber Washers at ChefQuip

ChefQuip are the UK supplier for Lamber washware, formerly supplied by Newscan until ChefQuip’s acquisition of the company in 2009, ChefQuip stock and supply Lamber Newscan machines and spare parts to the commercial catering industry.

Lamber are a very well known Italian family run business that has been producing washware since the nineteen forties , Lamber offers a complete range of glass and dishwashers for all usage.

Using their sixty plus years of experience and their use of top grade stainless steel and materials throughout they ensure a very robust construction designed to withstand the most intensive use.

From the economy glass and dishwasher range to the elite glass and dishwasher range incorporating its double skinned build for improved efficiency, pot washers or various sized rack conveyors, Lamber wash ware are suitable for the smallest café, bar, school or commercial kitchen.

Lamber’s design philosophy of keeping it simple for both the operator and service engineer makes Lamber machines uncomplicated and reliable without compromising on efficiency and performance.