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Looking for a Grill? Here’s an Option!

Before you settle for a lava rock grill, you should consider a couple of products in order to ensure you have the right grill for your kitchen. Lava rocks are excellent heating equipment and can keep your food steaming for a long time, however they also emit lots of flames and you won’t be able to place this at a cosy corner inside your house. The grills will also be a hassle when you find yourself having to keep switching the fresh lava rocks over and over to avoid any extra charring of your food which may be carcinogenic in nature. Thankfully, Chefquip’s Gas Lava Rock Grill 3 Burner is a gas burner that can sustain the heat much after the fuel supply has been cut. The lava rocks can then keep grilling for some time as it retains the heat and temperature to cook the food. This v-shaped iron cast grill is very versatile and can grill just about anything!

There are 3 tilt positions which helps pour out the extra fat dripping onto the rocks to reduce how frequently you will have to change the rocks. The stainless steel double frame prevents it from overheating and the model comes with not just gas jets fitted in, but also optional LPG jets.

The Chefquip gas lava rock grill is also very sleek looking and doesn’t look like a hunk of metal! It’s a great way to spend time with the family in your backyard while the smell of grilled chicken wafts through the air. The gas lava rock grill doesn’t even need much attention and it is rather easy to use, and not too time consuming due to the heat retention capabilities of the lava rocks which will allow you to spend time with your family instead of toiling away in the kitchen!

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