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How you slice your ingredients makes a lot of difference in your cooking. While a large knife can help you get appropriate cuts, slicing the ingredients manually can be a tedious affair. Electric meat slicers are one-of-its-kind meat slicing equipment that comes with a host of benefits. An electric meat slicer enables users to get precise cuts while expediting the cutting process.

Choosing the Right Meat Slicer

Nowadays, there are a number of good meat slicers for sale, and finding a suitable slicer is not always easy. Depending on your requirements, you can get a small, medium or large meat slicer. Also, these slicers come in different capacities, serving a variety of unique functions. Here are some points that you need to consider while purchasing an electric meat slicer.

Power and Speed

You need to consider the power and speed of the meat slicer before purchasing it. Electric meat slicers with high capacity motors deliver faster results and are competent for heavy-duty applications. If your catering business produces a high volume output on a daily basis, a high-powered model is ideal!


The size of your meat slicer is largely determined by a number of external features. Factors like the availability of space, the number of required servings, etc. play a significant role in the process of selection. We offer both larger and smaller slicers.


Meat cutting machines come in a wide range of designs and models. If any advice is required on which model would suit your business best, get in touch! We’re happy to help!



Durability and Maintenance

Meat slicers demand proper cleaning, so you need a slicer that is easy to maintain. If you’re having trouble with the cleaning process, take a look at our instructional cleaning video here! Choose a product that is easy to clean, and keep your slicer clean and hygienic.

ChefQuip is a leading supplier of premium quality Planetary Mixers and Commercial Catering Equipment. ChefQuip specialises in a broad range of commercial meat slicers, which come in a variety of models – small electric meat slicers, medium-grade meat slicers and heavy-duty meat slicers. All ChefQuip slicers are designed in highest standards, ensuring top-quality performance. Built with easy user-friendly attributes, the slicers have built-in safety features. With ChefQuip electric meat slicers, slicing meat can be accomplished without hassles, and the slicers are suitable for various kinds of meats, from cooked meats, cold meats, salami to other meat products.

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