What Is a Salamander Grill?

A salamander grill is an essential piece of equipment found in many commercial kitchens.  The basic definition of a salamander grill is an overhead high-temperature grill.  This type of commercial grill can be a stand-alone unit or a wall-mounted appliance for greater space efficiency.  A salamander grill can easily be raised to eye-level, making it extremely useful when monitoring the cooking process. A salamander grill is most commonly used for toasting, browning or just keeping dishes warm.  From cooking steaks in no time at all, to quickly toasting multiple slices of bread, a salamander grill is up to the task!  A salamander grill can also be used to keep meals at a constant temperature prior to serving.

Are You Looking For a Commercial Grill For Sale?

If you are looking for a commercial grill for sale, the first thing to consider is whether you should buy a gas salamander grill or an electric salamander grill.  In general, the power source is determined by the set-up in your kitchen.  But gas salamander grills tend to be better at constant grilling, and electric salamander grills are more energy efficient.

We stock 2 generously sized salamander grill models, in both gas and electric; the larger 800 mm gas or electric salamander grill, and the slightly smaller 600 mm gas or electric salamander grill.

Salamander Grills From Chefquip

High quality and value for money is key to everything we do.  Without a doubt, the salamander grill range from Bartlett Yeoman offers this.  Our catering grills are reliable, durable and versatile.  Every Bartlett Yeoman salamander grill has a robust stainless steel outer body and enamel interior for heat retention.  Our salamander catering grills have even heat distribution, insulation, rapid user response and are easy to clean.  For extra peace of mind, every salamander commercial grill comes with a 1-year full parts and labor warranty.