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A commercial meat slicer is an invaluable asset for all types of catering businesses.  The amount of time saved when using an electric meat slicer means that it won’t take long for your investment to pay for itself.  Just think of all the hours spent slicing joints of meats, cheese and other products.  An electric meat slicer dramatically reduces this, making your kitchen more efficient and productive.  And this is not the only cost-cutting advantage of electric meat slicers.  With an electric meat slicer you are able to set the desired thickness and serve more uniform, thinner slices.  On account of this meat and other food products will go further and improve presentation all at the same time!

Meat Slicer UK

ChefQuip stock a superb range of commercial meat slicers.  Our comprehensive selection covers smaller electric meat slicers, all the way up to big, heavy duty models.  You should also consider the diameter of the cutting blade and think about the size of foods you intend to put through the meat slicer.  As with all of our catering equipment, you can trust in the quality of our commercial meat slicers.  Every ChefQuip meat slicer meets our high standards, has simple to use controls and essential built-in safety features.  Our electric meat slicers are suitable for hot and cold cooked meats, salami and other meat products.  And thanks to our standard Quan Tanium coating, a ChefQuip commercial meat slicer can also easily handle sticky foods like cheese.


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