Bowl Scrapers

The Bowl Scraper is used in conjunction with the beater or Wire Whip agitator. The Bowl Scraper is easily attached to the mounted bracket when required, while the agitator is mixing the product the scraper is continuously scraping the entire inside of the mixing bowl.



Reduces Labour : Eliminates the task of stopping mid batch to scrape product from inside of bowl.

Reduces recipe time : No more stopping during mixing time. Most recipes can have multiple steps reduced by the use of the Bowl Scraper. In most cases, reduces time required for initial incorporation of ingredients.

Increased productivity : With reduced labour time and recipe time, more time can be scheduled for additional batches.

Provides product consistency : Continuous scraping provides more consistent product results.

Bowl Scraper availability:

  • SP22HI
  • SP30HI
  • SP40HI
  • SP60HI
  • SPA80HI

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