Planetary Mixer Accessories

ChefQuip stocks a comprehensive range of high quality Planetary mixer accessories.  Our stainless steel Planetary mixer accessories are hard-wearing and straightforward to use.  Planetary mixer accessories are designed to optimize the functionality of your Planetary mixer, and are widely used within the private and public catering sectors.  All types of cafés, bars, restaurants and pubs regularly take advantage of the time-saving benefits of our Planetary mixer accessories.  They are also widespread in kitchens within schools, hospitals and care homes.

Our Planetary mixer accessories will help you increase productivity, make difficult chores simpler and enable you to cleverly organise the space in your kitchen.  All of our Planetary mixer accessories are interchangeable.  This really goes to show how versatile our Planetary mixers are!  Attaching different Planetary mixer accessories allows you to whip the perfect mashed potatoes, shred and slice vegetables, make batter and prepare minced meat.  Our bowl scraper attachment reduces the time wasted on continuously stopping mid-batch to scrape out your mixing bowl.  We also have the perfect stands and trolleys to give your work space a more streamlined and accessible feel.

Your top-of-the-range Planetary mixer from ChefQuip just got even better!  By adding our Planetary mixer accessories to your model you can increase performance and make your life a whole lot easier!  Take a look now at our available Planetary mixer accessories.  See how you can target problem areas or time consuming jobs.  Your workspace will be more efficient, organised and professional.

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Bowl Scrapers

The Bowl Scraper is used in conjunction with the beater or Wire Whip agitator. The Bowl Scraper is easily attached to the mounted bracket when required, while the agitator is mixing the product the scraper is continuously scraping the entire inside of the mixing bowl.

Bowl Trolley

For use with larger mixer, bowl trolleys make it easier for the user to move the bowl from the machines to the work station.