Do you want to enhance your desserts menu?  With a chocolate melting machine you can add extra special flavour to your puddings, like dreamy warm chocolate sauce and syrup!  A chocolate melting machine offers versatility and quick results.  As with any catering equipment, buying from a trusted supplier is always a good idea.  We do not want our customers to lose time or business whilst appliances are being fixed or replaced.  You can trust in the superior quality of the ChefQuip chocolate melting machine.  Our countertop chocolate warmer is robust, straightforward to use and very hardwearing.  We are happy to say that our chocolate melting pot is one of the most popular items from our Back Bar Range.  It is ideal for many different types of catering businesses.   In restaurants or hotel food preparation, a chocolate melting machine helps you make top-notch desserts.  And for smaller establishments, such as cafés, bars and pubs, it is also a great asset.  Our chocolate melter is compact and fits easily into any size kitchen or back bar area.

Chocolate Melting Machine UK

If you are looking for a high quality, reliable chocolate melter for sale, then look no further! The ChefQuip electric chocolate melting pot provides consistency and reliable performance.  It uses dry heat to warm favourite ingredients, like chocolate, syrup and fruit purées.  Other applications include warming cream sauces and using it as a fudge warmer.  You will be able to completely overhaul your existing dessert list with the chocolate melting machine from ChefQuip.

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