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In professional kitchens, food is high on demand and customers will expect faster service. To solve issues in the kitchen, instead of manually making dough by hand, chefs will use machinery to make the process easier and smoother. Without the use of machinery in the kitchen to mix dough, chefs would spend a lot of time creating large quantities of dough and would be tired from needing to handmix. Since 1996, Chefquip have been producing high quality kitchen equipment for both commercial and domestic use, Chefquip have leading kitchen equipment products.

Machinery in the kitchen aids restaurants in many different ways, as it speeds up a lot of different processes and helps to make things correctly autonomously. For example, a 30 litre dough mixer would be beneficial to a restaurant that needs to produce food at a fast rate in a professional style. Chefquip offer plenty of products for professional cooks, ranging from food preparation equipment to washing equipment. Commercial cooking has never been better thanks to Chefquip as they offer many fantastic equipment that every cook will need. Since kitchen hygiene is so important, Chefquip only offer the best equipment for washing, such as passthrough dishwashers that will clean plates and dry them, as well as under table style dishwashers. Dishwashers from Chefquip are hygienic and will ensure that your kitchen operations in a commercial environment will keep running, and you will be prepared for the next meal to be served, and guests or customers will be impressed by the efficiency and speed of the kitchen.

Dough is a versatile mixture that can be used for a variety of foods, this includes bread, pizza bases, and croissants. The mixture is made up of water, flour, water, and yeast, together the mixture becomes thicker and is ready to be kneaded. Using a 30 litre mixer makes this process easier, as the dough can be tough and requires a lot of effort to make it correctly, using equipment from Chefquip helps to make the dough to perfection. Commercial Planetary mixer offer 30 litres to use to prepare food, this offers the possibility of creating large amounts of mixtures for your food preparation needs. Whether it is for commercial use or domestic usage, 30 litre mixers will provide excellent service for you.

Chefquip provide products for domestic use, not just professional use. Find a range of high quality, high standard kitchen equipment for domestic use. Create fantastic meals and food from home using great equipment from Chefquip. Keep your food prep fast, clean, and high quality with top range products from Chefquip.