The CQ400 is a robust and extremely reliable unit with easy to use functions. Staff at schools across the UK have being enjoying working with this machine all year round. The range of functions that the CQ400 vegetable preparation machine offers is one of the many reasons schools just can’t get enough of them!

It’s polished anodised aluminium and stainless steel coating, as well as its removable top and many interchangeable blades means the CQ400 very easy to clean. Many would compliment on our full range of cutting/slicing blades we provide, but our very own Chef’s Pack comes complete with all the Cutting, Chopping, Slicing, Cubeing and Julienne Blades that is perfect for all your vegetable preparation needs.

As we believe every school should have the best equipment to provide the chefs with the best product on the market today! The staff in school kitchens require the easiest to use and easiest to clean equipment.

With the increasing demand on schools to provide free school meals for years 1 – 2 pupils coupled with the meals to be healthy and nutritious, the ChefQuip veg prep machine is a must have for their preparation needs.


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