Commercial Vegetable Preparation Machine

ChefQuips Veg prep machines are versatile and well-crafted pieces of equipment that slice and dice vegetables to any size and thickness. A commercial vegetable preparation machine is ideal to help you save time and resources in the kitchen. No matter if you’re chopping carrots, dicing onion or shredding lettuce, a commercial veg prep machine does it quickly, efficiently and can produce calculated and consistent results.

If you’re looking for an adequate machine to cut vegetables, then ChefQuips stainless steel vegetable slicers are made entirely from materials suitable for handling food and is the most up to date cost effective veg prep machine on the market today. It will create a perfect cut thanks to its high-quality chop and slicing discs and will ensure the best quality cuts quickly and efficiently. There is no better commercial vegetable dicer available for the same price. Don’t miss out on ChefQuips most effective products. Also see what other commercial kitchen equipment we can provide for your establishment.

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Vegetable Preparation Machine – Model Chef400

ChefQuip Vegetable Preparation Machine – Chef400 is a versatile, robust unit. Fully CE compliant this vegetable preparation machine is perfect for chopping, slicing, cubing and the production of julienne style vegetables.