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In commercial kitchen environments, well prepared food needs to be produced in large quantities. Kitchen equipment such as a 10-litre food mixer is a great solution for busy commercial kitchens that need to produce large quantities of food, don’t settle for less when it comes to your equipment, our 10-litre mixer is designed to be robust and efficient in the commercial work space. Since our products come with plenty of accessories, we understand that hygiene is crucial, therefore we make parts  removable for easy cleaning!

Chefquip has a fantastic range of products for commercial kitchens, offering only high-quality equipment created to a professional standard. We strive to impress with our products, only providing our customers the very best kitchen equipment. Our products are made from high-quality materials and are guaranteed to be long lasting and efficient! Our 10 Litre mixers come with various attachments and accessories to meet all your needs. Safety is our number one concern and we have built our products to be strong and reliable for safe daily operations.

The Chefquip planetary mixer 10 litre is a strong and robust product that is designed to last. The 10-litre planetary mixer is perfect for creamed potatoes, dough, mayonnaise, and much more. This product is safe and efficient, fitted with an emergency stop. This is a fantastic feature for commercial kitchens where health and safety is a top concern among staff.

For producing something like pizza dough, creating this by hand requires time and energy from staff members. Cut the workload down by using a 10 litre commercial mixer to produce dough for the pizza base, this will help maintain a high quality of food that will impress customers and help efficiency around the kitchen in daily operations. A kitchen food mixer 10 litre is a great size for creating large amounts of a produce, with its strong and robust design we create our equipment to impress those who operate it. A great kitchen with great staff deserve great equipment!

Keep your commercial kitchen running successfully with our brilliant range of food mixers, and please get in contact with any queries regarding any of our products, we will be happy to get back to you with further information.

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