Commercial Spiral Mixers

Spiral mixers are important in catering and food production.  With a spiral mixer you can make batches of fresh, soft dough on a commercial scale.  A spiral mixer ensures that your dough remains consistent and are ideal for bakeries, pizzerias, fast food outlets, pubs, restaurants and patisseries.  Other places involved in substantial food preparation, for example in hospital and school kitchens, also benefit greatly from using a spiral mixer.  They are invaluable for making large quantities of bread, pizza dough, pastry and can even be used when making biscuits.

Spiral Dough Mixers for Sale

All of the spiral mixers we sell are robust and of the highest quality.  Our spiral dough mixers are extremely versatile and can handle all dough types.  This includes stiff, dry mixtures as well as wet dough consistencies.  The gentle action of a spiral mixer works the dough well to give you a nice mix without overheating.  One of our spiral mixers will replace reliance on manual labour and allow your production to be more cost effective and quicker, but without sacrificing standards.  Our mixers are built to last and will be a valuable asset to your enterprise for many years.

As spiral mixer manufacturers our units come in a range of sizes, ranging from a 30 Litre capacity, up to a large 60 Litre model.  They are made from cast stainless steel, are easy to clean, simple to use and competitively priced.  Have a look now through our list of available products and start saving time and money today!

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