Coming in a variety of sizes ChefQuips Planetary mixers are the markets best utensil for creating mixtures in a commercial environment. The 40 litre planetary mixer is the perfect size for most commercial needs. If you’re looking for a planetary mixer that is big enough for any commercial mixing needs but not too large then ChefQuips 40 litre planetary mixer is the perfect size, ideal price and top-quality mixer that every commercial establishment needs in their kitchen.

Our commercial 40 litre planetary mixers come fit for any commercial or domestic needs. featuring a heavy-duty motor with variable speeds, an interlocking quick release bowl guard and bowl lift. If you need a 40 litre planetary blender then don’t miss out on getting the best planetary mixer on the market.

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ChefQuip 40 Litre Planetary Mixer – SP40HI

Manufactured to ChefQuip’s market leading specification, ChefQuip’s  Floor Standing 40 Litre Mixer is a robust and versatile unit that is perfect for mixing a variety of products including dough, cream, mayonnaise and creamed potatoes.