30 Litre Planetary Mixers


ChefQuips 30 Litre planetary mixers are versatile tools fit for any commercial need. If you’re looking for a sizable Planetary mixer that is still on the smaller side, see our 30 litre planetary mixer for a reliable efficient planetary mixer holding up to 30 litres. It doesn’t matter if you’re a baker or a chef. The 30 litre planetary mixer can be interchanged using removable parts in order to create an equally as effective 30 litre planetary blender.


Used in hospitals and schools our 30 litre planetary mixer can cope in high capacity situations in any domestic establishment. Looking for a medium sized planetary mixer? Then the 30 litre is the best solution for you. Don’t miss out on the best 30 Litre planetary mixer on the market today, ChefQuip offer the best price for the best quality utensils.



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