Salamander Grills

Gas & Electric Salamander Grills


Bartletts  Yeoman Gas and Electric Salamander Grills are suitable for wall, bench or on a stand. Offering a vitreous enamel interior for excellent heat retention, safe operating temperature , durability and easy cleaning. Along with a double skinned high quality stainless steel exterior, Bartletts Gas Salamander Grills and Electric Salamander Grills are available in 600mm & 800mm. 


Electric & Gas Salamander Grills can be used to grill or just finish off a dish giving it a more attractive look. Taking only 4 minutes to cook a steak and 1.1/2 minutes to toast 7 slices of bread the Salamander Grill is known for its high temperature overhead infrared heating elements assuring its  speed and efficiency.


Bartletts Salamander Grill Gas & Electric are essential for a commercial kitchen, from grilling sandwiches to steaks a  electric salamander grill or Gas salamander grill is perfect. A Gas salamander grill offers a speedy heat up while an electric salamander grill offers precise cooking control. Whatever the requirements, A Salamander Grill is the product you need.



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