Potato and Root Vegetable Peelers

Avamore Electric Potato & Vegetable Peeler


Avamore is a British brand of quality potato peelers manufactured in the U.K for the last 40 years. The Avamore peelers are British engineered to the highest standard. Their Root Vegetable and Potato Peeler is a must have for any sized commercial catering establishment. With a replaceable stainless steel abrasive liners and body it ensures that there is a corrosion resistant peeling chamber for your vegetables and potatoes.


This experience has given Avamore the reputation for some of the best root Vegetable peelers on the market today, whether it be 7lb , 10 lb or 14 lb the Avamore brand has just the right machine for every situation from the small kitchen in a nursing home to the school kitchen and up to the vegetable production facility.


Finding a quality electric potato peeler can be troublesome. That is why at ChefQuip we offer the best solutions to your biggest catering problems.  Avamore’s robustly constructed potato rumblers will give reliability and long life, needing only the minimum of service and their commercial vegetable peeler has a fine abrasive coating in the chamber that ensures potatoes have a smoother surface when peeled and are perfect for roasting. You wont have a better option when it comes to peeling potatoes, carrots, swede and other root vegetables then Avamore’s electric root vegetable and potato peeler.  Features include a no-volt release system for operator safety and balanced, rotating plates allowing quiet operation. No commercial kitchen should go without a electric potato & root vegetable peeler from Avamore



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