7.5 Litre Planetary Mixers

The 7.5 Litre Planetary Mixer is an excellent mid-size model and is perfect for less intensive commercial catering. Our 7.5 Litre Food Mixer is extremely hard-wearing and will improve overall efficiency. Chefquip specialise in the highest quality Commercial 7.5 litre planetary mixers on the market.


The commercial 7.5 Litre planetary mixer is designed with productivity in mind, being both big enough to accommodate a large scale kitchen and small enough to use within a domestic setting, the 7.5 litre food mixer prides  itself in being the most versatile mixer for any situation. At chefquip we design our mixers with quality and ease in mind, allowing you to get the best products for your money.  Browse our collection of commercial planetary mixers today to find the perfect food mixer for your kitchen.

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