10 Litre Planetary Mixers

The 10 Litre Planetary Mixer is our largest food mixer. It is perfect for heavy duty commercial catering. Suitable for large scale preparation of a variety of foods, including dough, mayonnaise, cream and mashed potatoes. The 10 Litre food mixer is sure to prove invaluable in any busy kitchen and dramatically increase productivity.


Chefquip Specialise in planetary mixers. Our mixers are suitable for commercial or domestic use for any amount of mixtures. Our commercial 10 litre planetary mixers are versatile and capable machines designed to bring ease to the kitchen allowing you to meet your culinary requirements without fault time after time. Larger scale commercial kitchen jobs can be tiresome and tedious, thats why at ChefQuip we have designed our 10 litre commercial planetary food mixers to be the most easy to use, highly efficient product on the market.  Browse below for all our 10 Litre mixers, or take a look at our other mixers ranging from small 5 litre mixers to heavy duty 80 litre mixers.

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