Gas Fryers vs Electric Fryers

All of us crave the goodness of fish and chips or deep-fried crunchy nuggets. And when you’re into the fried food business, you need a proper commercial deep fryer to do the job properly.

The difference between setting up a huge pot of oil and using a countertop gas and electric fryer, is that the latter options are professional equipment. If you’re a chef at a restaurant, then acquiring a professional gas or electric fryer is crucial!

But, gas or electric? The difference between the two is told through their names in the sense that, one uses gas and the other, electricity. A gas fryer, however, heats up much faster than an electric fryer but of course an electric fryer is more ideal for most commercial settings.

If you’re interested in buying a gas fryer or an electric fryer, you have to decide on a couple of things. Firstly, what kinds of foods will you primarily be cooking and how big of a sediment tray will it require? Consider the prices of the fryer running on gas or electricity. How fast do you need your fryers to reach the right temperature? All these factors are ones that you might consider when deciding between gas or electric but here at Chefquip we ensure that no matter the choice, you will be using the most professional, long lasting frying equipment.

Chefquip products are the best when it comes to affordability and quality! We even offer a commercial countertop gas fryer with two sides for frying and an easy-to-clean model. You can also decide between a double tank or a single tank fryer as we offer both! Dont miss out on all the best quality Chefquip products! Get in touch today!