A commercial countertop fryer is a great choice since it offers premium versatility. It can be easily carried and moved if you are catering to a scattered group of people. The product generally comes in single and double tank models to choose from. A ChefQuip commercial gas countertop fryer can be the ideal buy as the product guarantees robustness and convenience.

Double and single tank models from ChefQuip

  • ChefQuip double tank commercial countertop gas fryer comes with 2 separate tanks that avoid tainting. The product is strong and easy to clean. This model also comes in handy when you need to keep or prepare two different kinds of food fry to cater to varied food choices.
  • ChefQuip single tank commercial countertop fryer comes with only one stainless steel tank that supports easy handling. It can be removed to clean and is equipped to prepare large quantities of fries.

Obtaining the best countertop fryer also enables you to fry potatoes, doughnuts or chicken to make them crispier and tastier. If you are looking to get a commercial countertop deep fryer for your food truck, restaurant or concession stands, ensure to buy one from ChefQuip. Choose from the varied models that come in different capacities and price ranges and make your job easier. It can be cost-effective in the long run besides allowing you to cater to a greater number of people on an everyday basis.