A commercial pizza oven is a fantastic asset.  Whilst a traditional, purpose built clay pizza oven is the stuff of dreams for most businesses, a commercial pizza oven is a very attractive and cost-effective alternative.  Commercial pizza ovens take up less room and you can even find a small commercial pizza oven to fit a petite kitchen.  You can serve up authentic, Mediterranean style pizzas with ease, and add a popular meal choice to your menu.

At Chefquip we stock an excellent range of commercial pizza ovens.  Quality catering equipment is what we are known for.  Here is a quick overview of some key features in our commercial pizza ovens.  Our pizza ovens have built-in fire bricks.  This helps to absorb moisture in the dough and ensures a light, crispy base.  Our commercial pizza ovens have simple touch-screen user controls and high specification insulation.  Frames and doors are finished with heat resistant Teflon paint to keep temperatures even inside and out.


How to choose the right commercial pizza oven

So you want to invest in a commercial pizza oven; what should you consider before reaching for your credit card?  First and foremost think about the numbers you are aiming to cater for.  For busy bars and restaurants take a look at our largest twin-deck model.  This comfortably fits a maximum of 6 x 13” pizzas per deck.  At the other end of the spectrum, perhaps for cafés and delicatessens, we have a single deck commercial gas pizza oven with a 4 x 12” capacity.   Whatever size you decide on, our commercial gas and electric pizza ovens are all extremely efficient with a guaranteed fast turnaround.

This very much depends on personal preferences.  A commercial gas pizza oven is often cheaper and is perfect for creating individual, specialist pizzas.  But commercial gas pizza ovens are generally smaller in size and a little more challenging to operate.  Commercial electric pizza ovens on the other hand are very straightforward to use and make large quantities of uniform pizzas very easily.  The initial cost tends to be higher, but this can soon be recouped through increased productivity.  At Chefquip we are always happy to discuss any of these points in more detail and recommend the right product for you.  Please get in touch today on 01299 871 856 or email for more information.